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Every single day, millions of miles are driven by truck drivers in the state of California. While the large majority of truck drivers take the necessary steps to remaining safe at all times, there are some drivers that are negligent in their duties. There are other situations in which a trucking company does not provide the proper equipment to a truck driver. In essence, they are setting the driver up to fail.

When an 18 wheeler, big rig truck gets into an accident on a major interstate in Los Angeles or Southern California the results can be quite severe. With a tractor trailer weighing up to 80,000 pounds, there is the potential for a truck to cause a multiple car pileup. Add to this the fact that 18 wheelers are usually between 70 and 80 feet long and it is a recipe for disaster on a major interstate.

We often get phone calls from victims that have been in a major big rig truck accident at no fault of their own. They were an innocent driver doing everything correct but were caught in the middle of an accordion type accident and end up getting sandwiched between several other cars. Unfortunately, these types of accidents can be extremely dangerous because a regular sized automobile truly has nowhere to go to avoid this type of accident.

While Los Angeles car accidents are quite common, it is the Los Angeles 18 wheeler truck accidents that often cause the most damage and result in interstates being closed for several hours.