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Every single day there are millions of motorcycle drivers that travel on roads in California. Unfortunately, some of these individuals are injured at no fault of their own. Motorcycle vs car or truck accidents can be very severe because there is not a metal frame to protect the body of a motorcycle driver. In fact, some of the most tragic car accident cases are ones in which a motorcyclist is thrown off his bike and has no protected when impact occurs.

Although most motorcycle drivers are very safe and abide by driving rules and regulations it is sometimes other drivers that cause these major accidents. If you have been injured in a car or truck accident that was caused by another driver or the state of California contact the SoCal Injury Lawyers today. We will take the necessary steps to make certain you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Head On Collisions

Some of the most dangerous types of vehicular accidents are motorcycle accident head on collisions. In June 2016, a Harley Davidson motorcyclist was killed after being struck head on by a truck. When a motorcycle hits any type of obstruction head on the rider has very little to protect him or her from impact.

Another major concern with motorcycle head on collisions is the lack of an airbag. Airbag technology has saved millions of lives in cars, trucks vans and SUVs. Unfortunately, this type of technology is not available in motorcycles, especially sport bikes. There are some sport bikes that don’t have a windshield. When riding on a sport bike or motorcycle on the interstates in Southern California it is very important to use caution. Many drivers are unaware of motorcycles because they are much smaller and faster than vehicles. This means a motorcycle can go in and out of a blind spot in a split second.

If a loved one has been injured or killed in a head on motorcycle accident contact the SoCal Injury Lawyers today. We have an experienced team that can help you determine the proper compensation for injuries, loss of income, pain and suffering and damages. Having worked with thousands of clients we are well versed in dealing with insurance companies and the court system.

Motorcycle Accidents and DUI Crashes in Los Angeles

During the months of June, July and August a large percentage of drivers will travel the roads during hours in which alcohol consumption is escalated. While most are responsible and aware of the dangers of driving under the influence, there are some that will get behind the wheel of a vehicle in an inebriated state. This is extremely dangerous for all involved. Too often we hear of deaths caused by a drunk driver.

When a motorcycle gets into an accident with a vehicle the injuries are often serious. If a motorcycle or vehicle is being operated by a drunk driver or a driver under the influence the chances of serious injury or death are escalated.