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Each year over 75,000 people are injured by being struck by a motor vehicle, and approximately 5,000 pedestrians are killed in automobile accidents. Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians occur most frequently when people try to cross roadways, use the side or shoulder of a roadway or are struck on a sidewalk. Usually, one of the parties was negligent, which unfortunately can have serious consequences.

Drivers are required to operate their vehicles using reasonable care. When a driver negligently strikes a pedestrian they can be held liable for the damages they cause. This may include compensation for the person’s injuries, medical bills and lost earnings or earnings capacity.

However, the driver is not always at fault for accidents involving pedestrians. Even careful drivers may be unable to avoid an accident under certain circumstances. For example, a pedestrian who runs into the street without looking and is struck by a car may be found to be at fault, or comparatively negligent for the accident. Under this scenario, the damages the pedestrian could recover would be reduced or eliminated depending on his/her degree of fault.

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