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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult. Unfortunately, it can be even harder when there is the added stress of worrying about the financial well being of a family moving forward. A person can never be replaced. The bread winner of a family passing away causes major financial distress on all involved. The expense of a funeral or cremation, coming up with money to pay a mortgage, rent or bills and the mental anguish of not having a person in one’s life are tremendously difficult.

As a personal injury law firm, we work diligently to reduce the stress after a wrongful death. Rather than having to complete all the paperwork and contact the life and health insurance companies we urge you to let us do that work. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and we are in the state of mind to properly negotiate a settlement. Insurance companies have their bottom line in mind so they are often not willing to budge on the settlement value.

Fortunately, as an experience law firm, we know the proper legal strategies to make 100% certain all your expenses are covered and the future loss of income is taken into consideration. We will properly calculate how much future income was lost due to the unfortunate wrongful death of the loved one in your family.

Please understand that note all wrongful death settlements are the same. We work with you and your family personally to better understand the specifics in your situation. We also have a calculation to determine the loss of income combined with pain and suffering and missed opportunities with a loved one. Also note that there is no value that can be placed on a human life; we are simply trying to assist you in receiving the proper compensation to reduce stress moving forward.

Whether you have lost a son or daughter vs a husband or wife vs a mother or father will dictate how to properly move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit. Once again, a monetary value cannot be placed on a life. That said, we understand the common settlement values for those that have passed at a very young age versus those that left us too early at a middle or older age.

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