The names of our clients have not been displayed as we respect their privacy and practice client confidentiality at our firm.

Fought hard to the end

Hussein is an Excellent, caring, hard working Attorney. He took on my case and fought hard to the end. I recommend him highly for his knowledge, skill, determination and his overall will to keep fighting to the very end for his clients. He will fight for what the clients deserve.

He will give you the best treatment for you. Because of the excellent help I receive, I have no ramifications form the B.I. I sustained. He is blunt with his work and explanations to the clients. Overall he is an amazing person, attorney.


Always Available

I was referred to Hussein Chahine a few years ago when I was rear ended by two vehicles. I wasn’t looking to hire an attorney but after my accident, I started having some back issues due to the hard impact. I was up front with him and told him I was weary about hiring an attorney.

You hear so much about “ambulance chasing attorneys” and what not that you can’t help but be a bit skeptical. I wasn’t out to get money, I just wanted to get better and not have to pay for my medical bills out of my own pocket since I was not at fault for my accident. He understood that and assisted me with getting me the best medical care possible. He was always available if I had a question or concern.

Since then, he has represented a few of my co-workers and my sister. I gladly refer anyone I can to him because I trust him THAT much. Not so long ago I called him regarding a terrible accident a friend of mine was involved in. Unfortunately due to the nature of the accident, Hussein was unable to handle the case. However, he gave me some good advice and referred my friend to someone else he trusted and who handles those types of accidents.

He called me a few times after to follow up and see how my friend was doing. There was really no need for him to take the time and reach out to me yet he did anyway. Because he is that kind of person. Which is why I will keep referring people to him time and time again. If you are looking for someone who you can trust, it’s Hussein. He’s honest, upfront and great at his job!


Treated me like a friend, not just a client

He was AWESOME. Such a great attorney. From the minute i walked into the door, until the case was done, i was worry free. He is amazing and I wish all attorney’s were like him. He was able to get me great compensation for my accident and he treated me like a friend not just a client.

Great guy to work with. He had all the references i needed to get the coverage / care I needed! Its amazing when you walk in with a huge load on your shoulders, and someone is able to take it all away with one conversation!


The best decision I made

I was involved in a couple of car accidents and, on both occasions, I used Mr. Chahine’s services. It was the best decision I made. Not only am I extremely satisfied without the results they obtained for me, but they also helped with medical treatment and getting my car repaired. Needless to say, I highly recommend these personal injury attorneys.


Very efficient, responsive and honest

Having an accident was not a pleasant experience but having Mr. Chahine represent me was! He’s very efficient, responsive and honest. I have and will continue to refer my family & friends over to SoCal Injury Lawyers because I know that they will be taken great care of by the wonderful staff over there.

It’s not fun having to go through legal issues but having attorneys who can make things easier on you is definitely a plus. I highly recommend them!


They handled everything

I was reared ended and my van was severely damaged.  At first I didn’t have much pain so I just needed my car repaired, but the next day I woke up and could barely move.  I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation so I contacted So Cal Injury Lawyers.  They were responsive and answered all my questions, so they took over my case.

They handled everything from car repairs (Which was great), finding treatment, medical bills, and a fantastic settlement.  It seems to be a rare quality in the legal field, but Mr. Chahine and his staff are the epitome of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.  I hope you are never in need of their services, but if you are in a position where you require a great personal injury attorney, I would not hesitate to recommend them.


Couldn’t be more pleased with help, professionalism and guidance

I couldn’t be more pleased with his help, professionalism, and guidance. I called him to get advice on a case and he was so pleasant and knowledgeable over the phone that I visited him in his office and hired him on the spot.  Attorney & Staff were absolute professional.

From my first conversation with them to meeting with the attorney himself. I was confident that I was great hands.  They handled my accident and I couldn’t be happier with the result.  Attorney was always available telephone or email.  I would recommend him to anyone.


I will be recommending them to all my friends!

I was involved in a car accident about a year ago and a friend recommended that I call SoCal Injury Lawyers. I did and it was the best decision I made. They took care of every aspect of my case and I received a great settlement. I will be recommending them to all of my friends!